My Pico 3 Packs

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My Pico 3 Pack

My Pico 3 Packs are available for advance purchase only and provide all ages with full mountain access to Pico Mountain for three days during the 2020/21 winter season. If you would like to purchase multiple three packs, click add to cart multiple times. | My Pico 3 Packs are valid only during the 2020/21 winter season; no refunds, credits or extensions for unused tickets after November 20, 2020. Each day will come loaded on a single-use RFID ticket. My Pico 3 Packs will be available for pickup at any resort ticket window unless the shipping product is purchased in which case the tickets will be shipped to your home. Any Day 3 Packs are valid any day during the season, no blackout dates. Non-Peak Day 3 Packs are valid any day excluding 12/21/20-1/1/21; 1/16/21-1/18/21; 2/13/21-2/15/21.

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