Pico Prepaid Ticket Redemption

Complete this step to reload our lift ticket onto an existing ONE PASS or to make ticket pickup faster and easier if you don’t already have a ONE PASS (which you will be required to pay for during checkout). As part of the checkout process you will be required to enter your voucher code(s) received from Working Advantage, Plum Benefits or TicketsatWork. If you purchased tickets for friends or non-immediate family members we highly recommend sending them their own codes to complete this step. If you purchased rentals, no further action is required, redeem rental vouchers at any ticket window at the resort.|All lift tickets must be loaded onto a ONE PASS, our RFID card, which can be purchased for $5 as part of this process if needed.
Lift Tickets: Lift tickets provide access to all lifts at Pico Mountain.
  • New ONE PASS: If you've purchased a new ONE PASS with your lift tickets, you may pick it up from any ticket window.
  • Reload ONE PASS: If you've reloaded your lift tickets onto an existing ONE PASS you may go directly to the lift, you do not need to stop at a ticket window.
Your prepaid ticket was purchased from a third party, Pico Mountain cannot provide any refunds, credits or vouchers for unused days.